Friday, August 10, 2012

Potty training...

Potty training...At the beginning of the summer our little Dawning was excited to use the potty. She knew how to tell if she needed to pee as long as she was naked. Then life happened and our focus stopped being on useing a potty to taking care of my siblings. Now I fear that Dawning has lost her intereast in the potty.

I cleaned my living room today and decided I wanted to try again. I am tired of diapers...I know I have a second one on the way that will be in diapers but im goingto try something different with that one. Anyway, after the living room was cleaned including a washed floor we rewashed it another five or six times because of accidents...and no peeing on the potty. She tinkled on the potty then got up and peed on the floor. I finally had it and put her in a diaper. Almost good timing because she pooped. Not a mess I like to clean up. she napped and then we tried again.

While she had supper I put her on her potty with a tray in front of her. She PEED! and has been sitting on the potty often since. I got so excited and showed herwhat she did and got hugs and high fives! She also got very excited and almost put her head in her potty to see what she had done!

Goal: have Dawning potty trained before the new one comes.
Reality: Once a day on the potty will do just fine for now!

It's not that im so tired of diapers. changing them and cleaning them really dont bother me its the diaper rashs that shes getting. I feel like she has a new one every other week or so.

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