Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby number two is....

We headed to Auburn today to find out what our new baby is! We picked up my mom then headed on our way. We stopped for a bit at my hubby's moms (we were early). We decided to take our little Dawning with us. Two times ago we took her to a normal appointment to hear the baby's heart beat and she screamed the entire time! We were a tad worried she'd do it again but she also had her Nana and her Grammy-meme to keep her entertained.

We got there and went to the wrong lab, so we got new direction and head to the right one. I was told to have a full bladder to make sure they could get good pictures. I told that to the Ultra Sound lady and she said well lets see I got all gooped up and she got to looking and informed me that I did a great job at filling my bladder. Off came the goop so I could empty my bladder and then we started all over again. I was also told that my ultra sound would take 45 min! None of Dawnings ever took this long. Yet she was right!

She took her time looking at everything! She found a few of my body parts and all of this baby's! This little one has two kidneys (my family has a few people that only have one), there is a beautiful heart! We saw it several different ways all four ventricles exist! and the flaps (baby brain I forgot the names of them) are all working! We saw the spine in length and several angles from the skull. There seems to be one very healthy happy little child in my tummy!

I am sure that you are going crazy wondering what we are having and I'm taking my time because we almost didn't find out! She forgot that we wanted to know! so here are a few pictures of what we got to see then I will tell you what this little one is.

The ultra sound lady said this child has beautiful long legs....

The Feet!! Oh I have to say Dawning loves her toes! every night we snuggle and listen to some music we usually spend the first song talking about her toes. When we saw this baby's toes I got excited so that Dawning would focus. "Toes! Dawning look at your baby's toes!!" Dawing got so excited and looked at the screen and yelled "Toes! oooh Toes!!" over and over so we got a good picture of the toes.

Look at my baby! BEAUTIFUL!! Oh another really fun thing that I didn't see with Dawning was while we were watching the screen the baby punched me. I felt and saw that little arm move! I loved it!

My younger brother taught my Sisters oldest boy to do the alien peace sign thing, I remember it being a really big deal so when I saw this little one do this all I could think was wow my baby can do it in the womb! I made sure to share this with my little brother.

Alright so what everyone is waiting for....We are having....A....Girl! Honestly I was crushed to hear this but as the day went on I'm getting excited...The problem is that we keep thinking its a boy and picking out boy names and then...its a girl! Which is exciting I just keep getting all worked up thinking its a boy. Then again the way a baby goes from this tiny egg and is formed and molded into this beautiful little creature is just amazing in itself! Just knowing I helped with that and feeling this little girl inside of me wiggle and kick and punch amazes me.

I love that shes hitting hard enough for others to feel now. I cant wait for Dawning to feel her and understand even more. Today she was giving the baby raspberry kisses (we call them zerberts we got that from The Bill Cosby show). She just cant stay on my tummy long enough to feel a movement. She was showing her Auntie where the baby was (and my belly button another favorite body part!) she was kissing and hugging her baby it was so cute.

Before bed tonight instead of talking forever on her toes I told her she was going to be a big sister to a sister! I asked if she was excited (mind you its an hour past bed time) and she said, "nooo" I told her that the baby was girl just like her. I asked her if she was a girl and she nodded yes then I said and the baby is a girl too. "Nooo," she said. I am sure she doesn't get it all but she will if we keep talking about how exciting it is to be a big sister to a sister!

Our biggest problem now is to find a name! we do luckily have 5 1/2 more months to find one! phew! Personally, I would love a little that looks a bit like this momma! Not that daddy looks bad or that our Dawning is ugly cause shes is absolutely beautiful and looksjust like daddy, but I think one kid looking like momma wouldn't red hair (black would be fine!!). Though I will definitely take and love what God gives me. I don't think God minds a little bit of hints of what we would like though....Of course He knows what we will love! God is so good! This child seems healthy and that's the most important thing I want! I can't wait to share this bundle of joy with everyone when she comes.

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