Thursday, October 25, 2012

Potty training...again!!

I have decided that not only is our little Dawning ready to potty train but so is this Momma! I have been told that once little Hope comes Dawning may end up in diapers again but I am ok with that. I think if i don't get angry with her when she starts to have those accidents then it will only last for a short time...then again I could be wrong and it all depends on the child right?

Well some of you know that we have really started training this week and we have picked a week were we are at my moms all week!I babysit close to mom and since we only have one car and my hours run into the Hubby's hours and moms willing to drive us down the street that's what we do.

Monday--I made sure our house was nice and warm and then we stripped Dawning to nothing and pulled out jelly beans daddy bought her the day before. We fought like crazy to try the potty. Oh and Saturday Mom and I went to the Walmart in Gorham NH and found thick training pants (cloth ones!). Anyway, she did however finish pooping on the potty once and tinkled on the potty twice! That was all before lunch. We did have a few messes to clean up but that's to be expected. We did use three of her new undies and went back to the diaper for nap and then we headed out the door to my moms so the diapers were on for the night.

Tuesday--A babysitting day. We packed the clean undies we had and a few diapers just in case. Since I babysit out of our house I don't like her to run around naked more for fear of her peeing on the furniture then anything else. before we left moms though we tried the potty and then wore a diaper over to our friends house and changed into undies when we arrived. We did very well on trying to use the potty. We did so well because Dawnings little friend is already potty trained and they peed together one on the big pot and one on the little pot. The girls thought that was great fun! We also peed in the three undies we had so I did some of there laundry and threw in two of Dawnings undies too. She then peed in those and we needed to go back to diapers for the rest of the day. No success on the potty today.

Wednesday--A day a Nana's all day! Dawning woke up dry! Nana didn't like her in her house with nothing on either so we used undies (I washed all six of them when she went to bed Tuesday). Actually, we started using the undies which she peed in. I had put on Facebook that we were starting to train and several people gave me a few tips. I also read a few article's online to get some more tips. Mom had had the chance to get to a store so I had her grab some special juice to help flood Dawning. we started off making her try to potty. I tried to run the water, I put warm water on her privates to try to help. I finally went with just telling her to use the potty and stopped making her. That was what worked!!

We had two success on the potty! I told her that she needed to tell Momma when she had to pee and she did then I would say go sit on the potty! and she would run and miss...she peed on the floor both times but only a little and it scared her both times and she tried to run from it. I grabbed her and got her on the potty and she finished there! The second time was better then the first. When she went down for a nap she woke up early cause she had to pee but I though it was her just fussing and got to her to late. I did put a diaper on for nap. She does a really good job at holding her pee. We are really working on knowing when she has to get to the potty and how to make it come out. I have no idea on how to help her with that. We also ad youth group Wednesday night so she was put into disposable pull ups and never peed on the potty at church. She did try though. When we got back to Nana's it was late and since I had already put her in a diaper (in hopes of her falling asleep on the way back) she was all ready for bed. We sang a few songs and I left. She did her normal scream for a bit and then she got hysterical! I went in to calm her down and when she was calm enough to talk she said "I pee, I pee" so we tried to pee on the potty but she had already gone in her diaper. Back to bed.

Thursday--Babysitting day! I got Dawning up earlier today in hopes of getting her to use the potty before we left. She refused. I put her in a diaper for our short travel down the road and when we arrived changed her. She was dry! It is now 8:45 and she is still dry and has tried to pee twice!

We or should I say Dawning is going to get this! Of course this Momma is very proud! and sad at the same time. I don't know who told her she could grow up but it certainly wasn't me! Because I am also pregnant crying seems to be what I like to do as I think of my baby girl being a big girl! At the same time though I would love a short break from diapers before little Hope comes along.