Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A new relaxing hobby!

I decided I was going to make a baby blanket for our new little one. Not knowing what it will be I decided to use mutual colors, so I went with red, white, and black. Babies see those colors first. I wanted a simple pattern that wouldn't be to bland. I didn't want a strip pattern I have tried that and failed to much work for a beginner sewer. I looked online at pictures of baby blankets and found one I loved...It just happened to be a strip pattern. I decided I was going to do it anyway!

I went shopping and this is what I found for material.

I got help from a my very good friend who is much better at sewing on how big each piece should be to make it just right. I started cutting and then sewing my projected.

In the main pattern I used the solid red and black and then the fun white, red, and black pattern. The  music is the border (I got help from my mother-in-law for that). The back is the red soft minky material.

Here is the final project!



I also decided to make my little Dawning a blanket but for a big girl bed! I am still working on it but the front is finished and the back is all one material so it will be a simple thing to picture I think.

Here is the material for her blanket.

Little Dawning's favorite color is yellow and she loves ducks! Because her blanket is so big and I'm so new at this I did a simple square pattern. The ducks and the yellow fleece I used as a boarder and then made a pattern with the other materials.

This will be the back.

This is the same material as the new baby's blanket yet blue. This is the softest material I have felt When we went shopping for the back of her blanket I showed her the blue minky and a yellow one. she hugged the blue one.

Here is the front of her blanket (don't mind the edges its not finished).

I have very much enjoyed working on both the kids blankets! I have a feeling that this Dawning's blanket is a bit bigger then a twin size. As I worked on her blanket she got so excited that it was difficult to pin the rows together because she wanted to sit on it and help pin it. She even got pricked a few times and still wouldn't leave them alone. I want to make more! Maybe my next big project will be one for our bed!

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