Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby dolls

After we went hiking we needed to stop to grab a few groceries. Little Dawning did such a good job all day we took her over to the toy isle there we found lots of dolls. Now before today Dawning didnt play with dolls. We found a doll that was almost as big as her and one that was a normal doll size. I wish I had pictures to show you how funny she looked carrying a giant doll and a little doll around. She wanted me to carry her with these dolls it was very hard to do. She then tried to walk to show her daddy what she found. She fell flat on well..the dolls. Daddy said no to getting a doll because she hasnt shown interest in them before (and we have bought her a few that she hasnt touched). I told her we could go home and shop for a doll in her room from her mommas collection.

We lined them up and she found three that she loved. Travis to the left up there and the twins which is the one in thr front and his sister which Dawning already took.

She had a blast playing with her babies.

I showed her how to put her babies to bed and cover them up. She added the second baby and covered there faces. 

She tried hard to care all three of them. she kept dropping them and saying "uh oh" and then picking them up.

She then put them in this bouncer and gave them some love...there is two babies under her. 

Here is her little family!

She also tried to go to bed with her babies and got stuck. Daddy said he might buy her a dolly next time.

Hiking trip!

We set off for our first hiking trip with our little one. Our plan was to hike up Table rock Mountain. We thought we passed it so we made a small stop at Moose cave trail.

We were very excited about this hike. Then we got started and then finished in about 20 min. It was the start of our nice hike. We got into the car and headed down the road a littler farther.

We found Table Rock and started on our way. I thought I remembered this trail, but I was wrong.

We found a moose track on our way.

We hiked for about 10 minutes and needed to take a gummie break. Then we walked a littler farther and this is what we came to.

All up hill! Hiking used to be so much fun now it feels like exercise. It is not so easy to hike with a little one on  the front and a bigger little one on my back. The hubby had to take over after a bit.

We attempted to let her walk on her own. That lasted  a few time for a very short time.

This is the last picture of our hike because this momma got to tired to finish the hike. We started back down and had lunch half way down. Then went grocery shopping. See what happened in the next blog.

Help! Headaches!

I am about 17 weeks...I think. My morning sickness has stopped as long as I take a sleeping pill and 100mg of vitamin B6 every night. If I forget I am then sick all day with at least one real trip to the bathroom loosing whatever I had just eaten. On the other hand I am having these terrible headaches that wont go away. Now I am drinking plenty at least according to a few dehydration tests I know. Tylenol is all I'm allowed to have yet it does nothing to make my head stop hurting. I'm eating enough as well.

I know that the eyes change during pregnancy but what is there to do about it? I cant afford to by glasses just for another 6 months and then they will change back?.

Maybe it has nothing to do with my eyes? The headaches started a few weeks ago when Gram was really ill and I picked up extra responsibilities with moms kids. A non stop stress headache that should have stopped when the stress did right?

I am finally home for the week and things seem to be back to normal. I have my little girl back! That was the longest five days without her. Shes safe (not that her Grammy would let anything happen to her) her diaper rash is even gone. So if its stress what am I stressed about?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gram Emerson

Here is a picture of my Grammy Diane Emerson.

She was a great women not perfect but who is? She raise seven children the youngest being twins. My mom is the second oldest and her second daughter. I have found out that Gram is very crafty. Not only has she done her scrap booking but she has made stuffys crocheting. In fact I believe i have one she made its a two sided doll, it is little red riding hood one side then you flip it over and bring the dress down and its a wolf or bear...i forget. She also was into baking pastries. I would have loved to taste some of those!

Growing up with Gram we did lots of things! We used to go to Hermit Island with her and Grampa and my aunts family. Gram and Gramp always got a camp site a little ways from the rest of us so they could have some privacy and quiet with all us kids...

Grammy loved the ocean. When I turned nine I got to go to her house for the week! We picked up one of my cousins and headed to the ocean.

The past year and a half will be my most cherished memories of her! She got to see my first born and got to spend so much time with her! We visited almost every week so I could clean her house or scrapbook my sweet girls first year of life! Gram was meme to all the great grand kids. My daughter said it once the night before we went up. She may not remember her Meme but she will know that she was loved by her.

We have memories that will be saved and put in her scrapbook. I will write stories of how she and Meme used to scrapbook together. My little girl would paint on memes table! The blue wont come out now.

It was hard to lose Gram she was so dear to all of us. There is one thing that is so great to know! I will see her again! She is in heaven. She kept telling us she wanted to go home and that shed see us again. I may not have gotten to see her in her last days as much as I wanted But she knows I love her and I know she loved me and my children. 

Gram will deffenetly be missed. She will be missed everyday but especialy at this years cookout and when my new little one is born and shes not there to hold it. She will be watching the whole time though :)

AUBURN — Diane M. Emerson, 66, of Farmington passed away Friday, July 13, at the Androscoggin Hospice House.

She was born in Augusta on April 5, 1946, the daughter of Leonel J. and Loretta P. Ouellette Gervais. She was educated in the schools of Augusta.

Diane married James Emerson in 1961 and they raised seven children. She was a graduate of University of Maine at Farmington.Over the years, she tutored adults, worked at Forsters Mfg., and worked as a home care provider for the remainder of her career. She was a member of the Church of the Nazarene and the Red Hat Society, and she was proud to receive the honor of "Mother of the Year" from the Emblem Club back in the early 1990s. Diane enjoyed crafts, especially scrapbooking, gardening and reading, and everyone else enjoyed her baking.

She is survived by her husband of 50 years, Jim; two daughters, Loriann Crockett and her husband, Larone, of Strong, Dawn Welch and her husband, Rodney "Buddy," of Woodstock; five sons, Peter and his wife, Penny, of Starks, Shawn and his wife, Karen, of Norway, Troy and his wife, Beth, of Texas, Jamie and his wife, Dayna, of Bangor, and Dale of Thomaston; 29 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; two sisters, Paullette and Julie; her brother, Glen; her stepmother, Glenna; many nieces, nephews, and cousins; and a sister-in-law, Barbara Gervais.

She was predeceased by her parents; a granddaughter, Rhiannon; and her brother, Henry.

Monday, July 9, 2012

House Guest

We have a house guest this week. My brother just bought her a few days ago.

Meet Bailey

She is beautiful! Little Dawning loves her. We got up this morning (Dawning didnt know she was here) I told her that Bailey was here and that after breakfast we would let her out. Bailey came out and Dawning crawled after just like a dog and she was yelling dog! dog! dog! they have been playing all day today!

When my brother (Uncle Ef) got home today they went out to play fetch.

Dawning wanted the ball just as bad as Bailey did.

They both went after the ball but Bailey can run faster!

She tried to give Bailey the dog. Bailey found an apple and was busy.

We are wanting a dog! espcially seeing Dawning have so much fun with a dog in our house. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

12 weeks!

Here is baby number 2! This is a picture at 12 weeks.

Here is a second shot of him/her!

Cravings thus far--Chinese, duck sauce, sweets

My emotions lately are crazy! I'm not sleeping even with a sleeping aid which I'm sure is adding to that.

I feel this baby move every night when I am still. Every morning daddy can feel it too! all bulged out of my tummy!

Due date January 3rd 

Doll houses are for dolls...

Little Dawning was told to go play with her doll house because playing with the wood stove was not okay to do. I helped her get it out so she could play with plenty of room. I sat back down and I couldn't see her. I minute later she screamed. I figured she couldn't make her doll do something so I didn't tend to her. but she continued to scream and this is what I found.

I think she has learned that her doll house is for her dolls not little girls...I did get her out...No harm to the house and no harm to Dawning and shes still playing with it.