Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Body coloring

We have gotten so used to going outside to play that we were sad that it had snowed and this momma was not up for being cold! So we did cleaning and watched Psalty and Clifford. When that was done we thought we would learn to color except I didn't want to get up so we improvised with our bodies!

I also let her use my tummy

Then I had a great thought of we need her year hand and foot prints! so we moved on to the paint.

Then a fun bath for two! We decided it needed some bubbles.

Her Piggy/duck peeking through all the bubbles.

 A Little Batman for Dawning and Dreaming for me!

We decided we deserved a cookie..or two and thought we'd watch some more Clifford (can you tell it was a lazy day today!)

Oh and blue washable makers don't wash off they turn green! Pink High lighter doesn't wash off either.
Tonight for supper we are trying a new recipe using my new grill pan and set!