Friday, January 27, 2012

First Snowman

It snowed most of the morning and shoveling needed to be done. I did a walkway to the woodshed for my boys and then took a break by getting my little Dawning and kid sister all dressed up to go outside! (don't mind the date stamp I didn't realize it was on and wrong)

 This is really the first time she could move in the snow the last time she was out in the snow she wasn't moving yet.
 We decided to make a snowman
This is not only the first snowman of the year but also Dawning's first ever!

A little help

We had meatloaf, home fies, and green beans for supper last night. Here is how preparing the potatoes went.

My little Dawning thought she could help too.

She first tried to eat the peelings then moved on to potato chunks.

We had potatoes everywhere!

I called for help...I thought that my brother was coming to the rescue but he grabed my camera and laughed at us.

She would eat a few pieces and she would also put some back in the pot...which were later rinsed.

It ended in tears and once they were cooked she wouldn't eat them. They were delicious.