Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby dolls

After we went hiking we needed to stop to grab a few groceries. Little Dawning did such a good job all day we took her over to the toy isle there we found lots of dolls. Now before today Dawning didnt play with dolls. We found a doll that was almost as big as her and one that was a normal doll size. I wish I had pictures to show you how funny she looked carrying a giant doll and a little doll around. She wanted me to carry her with these dolls it was very hard to do. She then tried to walk to show her daddy what she found. She fell flat on well..the dolls. Daddy said no to getting a doll because she hasnt shown interest in them before (and we have bought her a few that she hasnt touched). I told her we could go home and shop for a doll in her room from her mommas collection.

We lined them up and she found three that she loved. Travis to the left up there and the twins which is the one in thr front and his sister which Dawning already took.

She had a blast playing with her babies.

I showed her how to put her babies to bed and cover them up. She added the second baby and covered there faces. 

She tried hard to care all three of them. she kept dropping them and saying "uh oh" and then picking them up.

She then put them in this bouncer and gave them some love...there is two babies under her. 

Here is her little family!

She also tried to go to bed with her babies and got stuck. Daddy said he might buy her a dolly next time.

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