Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late tears...

It's been a little more then a month since my Gram passed away yet today when I was going through my things to sell in a yard sale this weekend my tears came. My hubby hates clowns. He thinks they are creepy, but I love them! I have been collecting them for years. Every since my Sissy (big sister) told me that I couldn't collect porcelain dolls like her.

As I was going through my things I came to my clowns and remembered how Grammy used to give me one almost every Christmas. several of them have never been out of there box. I also found some of the things I started to get after my cousin died my Senior year of high school. Things I forgot I had. I had to take a break so I could hide in my room and cry.

I will only be selling a few of my clowns but the ones I know for sure Gram gave me are staying for now at least. The  few things I found that remind me of my cousin are the Grinch things and we will be putting those up every year for Christmas.

I have yet to visit my Grampa since the funeral...I just cant go to the house and not have Gram sitting at her table. I don't even know if I can scrapbook anymore. I need to for my girls. The few pages that I did at my house I was so excited to  bring and show Grammy what I did and get her praises on how well they where. I miss needing to help her cut out things from the cricket so she could put them in a scrapbook or a card she was making for a friend or family member.

I'll be able to move on soon...I've gone through this with others before I just didn't look up to and visit them as often and so close to their last days.

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